Uh-Oh Urban: 85 Percent of Power Five Athletic Directors Said They Would Not Consider Hiring Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer may want to consider trying a little bit harder to hold on to his current gig in Jacksonville, because it sounds like a return to college football might not be as inevitable as everyone thinks — at least not at the level Meyer wants.

Brett McMurphy spoke to 65 of the 130 FBS athletic directors, including at least five from every conference, and 73 percent said they would not consider hiring Meyer. That number shoots up to 85 percent when talking about Power Five schools.

Action Network — “No way,” a Power Five AD said. “Not in a million years.”

Now, obviously all it takes for Meyer is one athletic director willing to take a chance on him. Namely, one in Southern California or possibly Baton Rouge. But it's not exactly good news that nearly nine out of 10 decision makers want nothing to do with you.

If he gets desperate enough, a comparably robust 39 percent of Group of Five ADs said they'd take a flier on the butthole-probing three-time national champion. No shit. You're telling Bowling Green its prodigal son will return to coach the Falcons and all they have to deal with is a little PR on the front end? Yeah, I think they'll sign up for that.


If these numbers are any indication, though, Urban may want to straighten up and fly right while he has a football team paying him to coach. Because there might not be too many others out there willing to do that right now.