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Skinny Jeans Push Max McCaffery (Christian's Brother) Over the Edge

One of my least favorite parts of my job is sometimes I have to snitch on people for doing things I might also do, last week I did a tik tok about the Georgia Southern player chugging a beer before the game on top of a moving school bus. This week we have the Mccaffrey brothers getting a beat down from Montana state and flippin' out during a blowout. The McCaffreys are going through it right now. Christian is hurt, Max's last stint in pro football was the XFL, and Dylan transferred from Michigan to Northern Colorado to play for his father's coaching staff (which includes his brother). You can 100% tell Max rather be playing football than coaching, most coaches would probably tell you this, and preferably not getting blowout by Montana state. His brother throws a pick and the fan section just starts chirping the shit out of Max, talking about skinny jeans. As the offensive coordinator, an interception is partly on him so I could guess the whole situation is shitty. Then a high school kid starts chirping your pants for being too small. Now skinny jeans are in in some circles very fashionable, but my question is--were the pants really too skinny? If they were ridiculously tight-fitting I could understand the chirps from the fan, but I also totally understand the reaction. If you are an offensive coordinator in skinny jeans and your quarterback throws a pick and you hear:

"Hey coach, maybe you should focus on how small your pants are, rather than breaking a clipboard"

You are 100% going to chuck his clipboard which would negate the implication of any sort of skinny jeans defining his masculinity.

So he snaps the clipboard because he doesn't want to be seen as just a man in skinny jeans whose offense just had a turnover. Then he chucks it to moreover show his Skinny jeans do not define his masculinity and ends up causing collateral damage by hitting an older man in the head. That old man got a little medical attention. 

His father is the head coach, his brother is the starting quarterback, in his defense when you are around family you sometimes revert back to childlike behavior. In fairness I do not blame Max for his actions, just means the guy really cares.