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Here's A Compilation Of Marty Mush Tweets From Before and After Last Night's Yankees Loss

I believe this is what millennials call "shot"....

...and chaser:

Trolling aside, shout out to the Yankees. The truth is, the Yankees overachieved in 2021. Big time. It took a 13 game win streak and 7 game win streak in the last month of the season to get to 91 wins and that play in wild card game. 13 game win streaks are an anomaly, so credit to them for taking advantage of luck being on their side. And when I mean luck, I mean LUCK. Lots of it. A FUCKTON of luck is involved to win that many games in a row at the MLB level. 

The Yankees gutted through a tough year and out did what a lot of people thought they would. There's always next year for the Bronx Bombers. They'll be back. They just need to figure out how they're going to replace Anthony Rizzo at 1B, augment their trash rotation around Cole, improve their garbage MIF, sign or trade for a CF, add depth, and then maybe find a new manager and front office. 

It's really not all that difficult if you think about it. Hal will get them to where they need to go. 

Busy day today. Got a BIG Red Line Radio day today. The Section 108 guys are coming in and our episode tomorrow will be by Sox fans, for Sox fans. Can't wait. Going to be a gutter war against Houston. Let's curb stomp those fucks.