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Must Be A Messi Fan - OnlyFans Model And Ex-Wife Of A Soccer Player Claims She Turned Down Ronaldo Because He's Not Her Type

[DailyStar] - OnlyFans glamour model Alice Goodwin once claimed that she turned down five-time Ballon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo because he is 'not her type'.

Rumours had circulated that her and the Manchester United forward had shared a fling in the past but she put those rumours to bed in a Q&A with her fans on Instagram last year.

Goodwin, who is the ex-wife of former Arsenal and Liverpool winger Jermaine Pennant, told her 350,000 followers that she had 'aired' the 36-year-old.

Responding to the question "Did you get it on with Ronaldo?", she wrote: "No I aired him he's not my type."

Now just wait a goddamn second here. An OnlyFans model, who likes some spotlight and also was married to a soccer player claims Ronaldo isn't her type. Pretty sure he checks all the boxes. Rich, famous, soccer player. Yeah I mean I'm not sure what else could be in the type category here. Maybe that he was/is a Manchester United player and not Arsenal or Liverpool like her ex-husband? Maybe she's a diehard Messi fan. I don't know but it doesn't check out. 

You're talking about a dude who has been linked to Georgina (his current girlfriend), Irina Shayk, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and a bunch of other models. I'm pretty sure if you're a model, Ronaldo was at least checking in to see how things are going. Also just passing on hooking up with Ronaldo? Do it for the story. That's something you can tell anyone and everyone about. Yeah, I get maybe saying you denied him feels better, but you gotta go the other way if Ronaldo is interested. 

British slang and vocabulary will always throw me off too. 'I aired him.' That sounds so much better than saying you weren't interested. Saying you aired someone is actually hilarious. Going to start using that more in my every day life.Not even to talk about people though, going to use it to get out of errands and shit. Anyways, here's Alice Goodwin.