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Pray For The League: RJ Barrett Is Officially Sick And Tired Of People Disrespecting The Knicks

That's it. It's over for you losers. RJ Barrett is sick and tired of people disrespecting the Knicks AND him. Not sure who was disrespecting RJ Barrett, but you have hell to pay now. Not sure if you saw, but the Knicks went ahead and dominated the first preseason game, which is basically the most important thing in the world. 

Honestly, I don't hate that RJ Barrett is going this mentality. Dude has MIP written all over him this season. Improved shooting, improved defense and being the playmaker on the wing. He started doing more of it last year and we'll see it keep going in year 3. Not to mention he'll have Kemba Walker and not Elfird Payton out there with him. That's really the biggest selling point. 

I know it's easy to hate on the Knicks. I'm used to it. 34 years on Earth and there have been like 10 good seasons. But times are different boys and girls. The disrespect stops! You hear me? It stops! RJ Barrett says so. And for my fellow Knicks fans out there, if this doesn't give you a hard on, watch Kemba here. 

Just wait until we win a playoff series this season. That'll show you losers.