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The Bucks Having A Team Picnic Instead Of Worrying About Resuming Their Game Against The Grizzlies Was An A++ Move

Goddamnit do I respect this. Calm down Greg, it's preseason basketball. No one actually cares if the game finished or not. It's about young guys getting some reps in an NBA setting and stars deciding to get some run or not. It's irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. UNLESS there's an injury. Then all hell breaks loose. So why not? You're the reigning NBA champs. You have Giannis. You kept Middleton and Jrue and the core all together. Plus you're in Memphis. Do you know how awesome the food is in Memphis? Now I'd rather be stuck in New Orleans, because cajun food is awesome. 

So when a fire alarm goes off in Memphis and you're forced to leave the floor, you're not going to restart the game. Who cares? Clearly not Jrue Holiday who was carrying a tray of Gus' Chicken, which is just a hilarious image. I like to picture Jrue looking at the food in the locker room and going, nope, this is it, before picking up the entire tray and moving people out of the way. 

It's truly hard to hate this Bucks team too. I've tried every which way but I just can't. I'm actually a huge Jrue Holiday fan. Love his game, always have since UCLA. Giannis is the most beloved star in arguably any sport. Khris Middleton just does his shit and shows up to games. They have the perfect mix of characters and quiet guys that it just fits. I'm waiting for Giannis to break this out at the next game. 

Also makes me wonder how Ja Morant felt not being able to play a 4th quarter. 

8am and I'm dreaming of some good ass barbecue already. That's really all that I can think about now.