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Fat Bear Of The Year Winner: OTIS

 Otis has won his 4th Fat Bear week championship. For those of you who do not know, Fat Bear week is a bracket contest predicting which bear is the fattest in Katmai National Park in Alaska. Bears are about to go into hibernation, so all they do around this time is put on mass and gains. These Bears sit on the side of rivers and swell up like Ticks, eating as much salmon and protein as they possibly can turning into behemoths that are soon to pass the fuck out for winter. There is actually a live stream where you can watch the bears on youtube which is currently 

There's also another live stream that has a wider angle and currently as I am watching it right now there is a mama bear teaching her three cubs how to fish.

Bear can put on close to 30 lbs a week before hibernation, essentially doubling their weight by eating close to 90 lbs a day. 

Last year's winner was an absolute unit.

Surprisingly Bear 747 was voted out quite early in the competition with many calling foul.

These bears go through such intense transformations, many voters thought that 747's weren't extreme enough as last year. Could be a reason he got voted off so early in the competition.

The bracket was tough this year but Otis pulled it out.

I am now just going to post as many fat bear pictures as I can find.

Giphy Images.

oops, wrong kind of bear.