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Duggs Spent $500 On Another Box of Donruss Football Cards

Last week, I opened a hobby box of 2021 Donruss Football Cards. The results were, lets just say, not great. The one auto card I pulled from that box was a parallel of Jalen Hurts numbered 14/25. Based on eBay comps, that card is selling for around $50. That's not a great return on a $500 box. So, I decided to roll the dice and pick up one more hobby box in hopes of pulling a Trevor Lawrence Rookie Auto (or anything remotely close in value to what I actually paid for the box) and this is how it went.


Not Good.

I'm done with hobby boxes. Panini just throws in these garbage parallel autos and expects us to continue buying them. Well, they won't be doing it for much longer as they are losing the NFL and NBA licenses in a few years. Fanatics may not be better, but at least Panini won't be able to hurt me anymore. Good riddance!