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The Cowboys Outright Release Jaylon Smith On A Casual Tuesday Night


I see a lot of people going crazy about this news, which admittedly is kinda crazy to happen on a Tuesday night in the middle of the season. Maybe the Cowboys were just looking to clear a roster spot so they can put in a bunch of claims before waivers are run at 3 AM without having to drop anyone like in fantasy (This is a bad joke meant to remind you to put your fantasy waiver claims in since you probably forgot)?

The weird thing about this being crazy news is I feel like I heard multiple talking heads in the media say Smith may get cut at the end of preseason because his performance and his pay was doing one of those graphs where one (performance) looked like it was falling off a cliff while the other (pay) was about to soar through the roof like Gamestop stock during a pandemic. Maybe Jerry Jones didn't want to add another storyline to the last episode of Hard Knocks or they thought Smith switching jersey numbers from 54 to 9 would make him better, which it clearly didn't after the first quarter of the season. 

Nahhhhh, it sounds like it was the whole getting paid a lot of money to play poorly thing.

As for what this means for my beloved G-Men, the Giants are always desperate for linebackers and are especially so right now since Blake Martinez tore his ACL. So bringing in Jaylon to play or at least spill all the dirty secrets on how to stop Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs from balling against Big Blue this Sunday may not be the worst idea unless Smith is absolutely cooked. However if they do pick up Smith, I politely ask Dave Gettleman to sign him for the league minimum if for no other reason than to stick the Cowboys with the rest of this bill for the season.