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Was Steve Belichick Sending Signals?

Everyone has seen Steve Belichick’s tongue 👅 play and facial expressions. But I’m starting to think something else was afoot with the antics.

See I may be looking way too far into this but Steve is a Belichick which means there’s probably a lot more than it seems on the surface.

Steve has been working on his father’s coaching staff for a couple of years now in various different capacities. He coached the secondary, outside linebackers, and now he is kinda got total control of the defense as head of defensive play calling.

He calls the plays, and I think he is also in charge of getting the call onto the field.

All that crazy facial expressions and whatnot? That might be an alternative way for him to call plays into the defense. Instead of obvious hand signals or play cards, he may have a system with his defense set up that determines audibles or blitz packages from his facial expressions. I am just saying he might not be calling the whole play on the field, but maybe just specifics to the outside linebackers he coaches. I really would one day love to decipher his facial expression play language. 

I am probably giving the guy way too much credit while even his brother just comments he was “just locked in”.

They just flipped to him on the broadcast so many times doing that ridiculous tongue stuff. I myself am someone who does weird stuff with my face when focused and that seemed like a conscious decision by Steve. I also do not think he was rolling on molly during the game, would not be too conducive to calling a defense. The guy does have a sense of humor, look at him mimicking his father and trying not to laugh the whole time.

Also, do you really think Bill would stand for his son looking like a rabid animal on his sideline if it didn’t serve some other purpose?