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There's Nobody On Earth Better At Yuckin' It Up With The Boys Than Ozzie Guillen

When we were going down the list of people we wanted to have in studio to talk White Sox playoff baseball we whittled it down to the Section 108 guys and Ozzie Guillen. I've become friends with Ozzie Jr. over the years so I shot him a text and within like 20 minutes we had an hour block locked down for Monday 10/4. 

Just so happens that Ozzie loves our unfiltered bullshittin' interview style, our office and our disgustingly handsome looks so much that he came in for 3 hours or so yesterday. I had a whole outline written out on different questions to ask him. Spent hours on it. 

Guess what? 

I didn't ask more than 2 or 3 of the questions on the sheet. It was straight up good ol' fashioned baseball talk. Just the way you, me and everyone else who loves the greatest game on earth likes it. 

It was obviously a treat. We got Ozzie dropping F bombs, C bombs and even had a cameo of Frank Thomas calling Ozzie mid-show to tell him to lobby for the Mets job as Luis Rojas was fired in the middle of our interview with him. It was absolutely fucking hilarious watching those two shoot the bullshit for a few minutes.

This ain't even a podcast for White Sox fans. It's a podcast for baseball fans in general. Over the last 4 decades or so, Ozzie Guillen is WITHOUT QUESTION one of the most colorful people the game has had to offer. It's a goddamn shame he's not managing right now because he still has the desire to do so and as a baseball guy, he's as sharp a mind as there is on earth. 

I love this man to death. Let's put 2005 in the rear view and make 2021 an October to remember huh? Gimme the fucking Astros. I wrote about it this morning, but NOBODY expects the White Sox to win. Good. Just the way we like it.