It's Actually Happening: Brooks Koepka vs. Bryson DeChambeau. Match Play. Mano A Mano.

Golfweek - The fifth edition of The Match, the made-for-TV series presented by Turner Sports, will take place the day after Thanksgiving and will put new buddies Koepka and DeChambeau in a mano y mano competition in Las Vegas.

According to a report, the event will take place at the Wynn Golf Club, which sits just a few big swings from the strip. The pair will face off in a 12-hole showdown with the usual cast of Turner characters — Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley — handling the telecast.

WOW. It's actually happening. I suppose it's not quite as shocking at this point given how chummy everything was at the Ryder Cup, but the fact that we've come this far is rather hard to believe. It really wasn't that long ago that Bryson was still getting bombarded by Brooksy chirps at Caves and put him on edge. Not even 6 weeks ago and now these two are doing made for TV events with each other. Incredible.

Now of course it would seem that some of the steam has been taken out of it since these two hugged it out at Whistling Straits. But this was never going to happen in a begrudging fashion anyway. This was never going to happen unless there was a reconciliation to some degree. That's just how golf and business works. The fact that these two are coming off a historic US Ryder Cup win only adds to the excitement in my eyes. Hell, they should turn this into one giant victory lap for the entire US team. I want the other 10 guys and Strick and Phil and ZJ and the whole fuckin gang out there in golf carts, mic'd up and pouring boozes down their gullets just like they were in Wisconsin. 12 holes, 2 holes, 36 holes, it don't matter. I'm tuning into this 1,000 times out of 100. Appointment television baby.