Uhh, No Duh - DJ Reader Decided To Sign With The Bengals When His Agent Asked If He'd Rather Bet On Joe Burrow Or Drew Lock

Let me sum this up in gif/video form. Would you rather bet on guy 1: 

Giphy Images.

Or guy 2: 

Yeah I'll take the guy smoking a cigar celebrating a national title and no brainer No. 1 overall pick too. Well that and $53 million the Bengals paid him, but my point still stands. This is tough for Drew Lock too. Guy can't catch a break. He breaks up with ex-girlfriend Gracie Hunt, the Chiefs immediately win a Super Bowl. He thinks he's the starting quarterback for the Broncos and Teddy Bridgewater comes in and wins the job immediately. Tough. Hell, last year Jerry Jeudy was even taking shots (now deleted) at the Broncos offense. 


Joe Burrow is not only good, he's objectively cool. That's just a fact. People want to play with Joe Burrow and frankly that's the best thing the Bengals have going for them. They have the young quarterback and now brought in his guy in Ja'Marr Chase and can keep loading up from there. Mind you Reader is a DT and saying this. He has nothing to do with Joe Burrow/Drew Lock except for who does he think can win games. 

Tough go for Drew Lock, but at least he's dating former Barstool Smokeshow Natalie. That's still a win. 


PS: Vic Fangio is going throw another massive hissy fit the moment he finds out about this.