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I Want Everyone Here To Hate Each Other

New episode is live with a bunch of different guests.  But first we talked about my once in a lifetime night in Robert Kraft's owner box for Brady's return.  I also went to a private Kenny Chesney concert and met Cindy Crawford.  Then we talked about the Facebook/Instagram outage Monday and Chaps' Putitzer Prize level reporting. Also a general discussion about the rules Barstool has to play by on social media and why I keep getting shadow banned.  Our first guest is longtime Team Portnoy guy Kevin Hayes to talk about how he likes Philly, the time I got him and the whole Flyers team a table at a club, and an exclusive video I have of him that can never be seen until he retires.  Then it's Brandon Walker vs. Joey Mulinaro after their Twitter fight on Saturday.  Joey still clearly hates Brandon and might be a crazy person.  I like that.  This place thrives on hate.  Jersey Jerry and Big Cat then come in for a negotiation that I had no interest in.  Inside Barstool topics: Nate and Mintzy are in Vegas putting out the worst content this company has ever seen.  One Bite frozen pizzas launch.  Brianna Chickenfry got a feature in the New York Post.  PFT ditched his sunglasses.  And I might denounce my Rydership. 

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