All-Time Scumbag Soccer Player Got Arrested In The Stadium For A Disgusting Attack On The Ref In The Middle Of A Game

Christ almighty guy, take it down a notch. It's not a secret I'm no fan of refs, but sending a guy to the hospital because of this shitbag attack? Coward. Scumbag. Piece of shit. All the adjectives to describe William Ribeiro here. Yell at the guy, attacking him from behind and then kicking him on the ground? That's a grade-a softass move. No other way to put it. He was immediately released from the team already and should never be allowed to play again. You can't attack another human like that. 

I'll give the team some credit here, they at least put out a statement calling Ribeiro a coward right away. (h/t The Sun)

"The match is suspended. No championship is worth a life.

"I reiterate our wish for improvement to referee Rodrigo Crivellaro. NOTHING, kids, NOTHING justifies aggression.

"We'll see what happens next, whether the match will be closed or rescheduled.

"The intern stays around here, sad, embarrassed and p***ed off like all of you with this cowardice that happened today in Venancio Aires.

"We are rooting for the match referee's recovery."

Having this many armed officials on the scene for a lower tier game sums up South American soccer though. Shit it crazy. I'm shocked one of them didn't take a swing at Ribeiro because it would have been justified. I also can't think of too many places where a player has gotten arrested mid-game. Again, 100%the right move. He should be sitting in jail. Guaranteed we won't see a shitbag like this for quite some time. 

Good news at least is the ref is awake and seems to be okay but is still being monitored by doctors.