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Someone is Boo-ing People at the Barstool Office

Someone at this office Boo'd Big Cat, Brandon Walker, and Kelly Keegs. 

It looks like Boo-ing is a southern tradition to anonymously send someone on your street a Boo package. Apparently, once you've been Boo'd, you hang a ghost on your door (in this case, desk) to let everyone know you've had your turn. Then, you must anonymously Boo the next person. 

The package can contain anything you want, from condoms to candy. The most important thing is to remain anonymous.

Since the person who did the boo-ing can't give themselves away, I figured I'd write about it. I had never heard of this concept, so I've been googling all morning. Then, I went and snooped at their desks to see what each boo-ing victim recieved.  

Giphy Images.

It looks like Big Cat got an orange tutu, orange glasses, and an orange post-it saying new outfit for October. I guess coffee and donuts would have been too generous. I wonder what size the tutu is? Would need to be a Large if he's at Sky Diving weight. 

Then, Brandon Walker. Dang, I don’t know who would do this? He has a note on top saying, “To celebrate Mississippi States National Championships.. ONE of everything.” 

And then inside… one of everything. Are those pig ears? I guess at one point he did have two pigs. And Walker Worm farm. Worms would have been a nice touch. 

And my favorite Boo of them all… Kelly Keegs. She deserved this. She was on a hunt last night for whoever took her Blue sparkling wine. 

SOMEHOW the Boo-er managed to replace it. Incredible end to a sad story. 

(Yes that's my desk in the background but only because I, too, almost stole the wine when I was at Kellys desk investigating the boo-ing. However, decided to give it back.)

Halloween is alive at Barstool today. Will the Boo's continue? Only time will tell.