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Mbappe Was So Pissed Neymar Didn't Pass Him The Ball He Went Ahead And Called The Man A 'Tramp'

I can't stop laughing at this. Sure, teammates fight all the time. This isn't uncommon. But I'm losing it at the fact that Mbappe went with tramp. How is that the word you first think of in the heat of the moment? It's honestly perfect, because Neymar's personality fits tramp way more than others. Motherfucker? Nope. Asshole? Eh, that's not it. Tramp? That's when Mbappe knew he hit the jackpot. Well that or this report we had. 

Then there's the whole Mbappe leaving for Real Madrid thing. (h/t ESPN)

"I thought that my adventure [with PSG] was over," he added. "I wanted to discover something else. I'd been in the French league six or seven years. I've given what I tried to at Paris and I think I've done it well.

"I'm not going to act like a hypocrite and send out a plea, like: 'Oh, I don't know.' This summer my ambition was clear, I wanted to leave and put the club in the best circumstances to bring in my replacement. Right now, my future is not my priority. I've already wasted a lot of energy this summer, it's draining."

This is why I need to start watching more PSG games somehow. First off, the Jordan jerseys just do it for me. Perhaps it's the fact I wore way too many basketball shorts during soccer practice. But they are just fire. Second, the Mbappe-Messi-Neymar trio is only here for a year. It's an unbelievable superteam and I want to watch it in Ligue 1. I want to watch it even more if Mbappe is going to call teammates tramps. He's only 22 years old, he hasn't hit prime shit talking age. That comes as you get older. But he's well on his way. Tramp, so far out there that I have no choice but to respect it.