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John Salley Declaring That John Wall Is On The Same Level As Steph Curry Is One Of The Most Outrageous Statements You'll Ever Hear

I'm sorry, am I missing the joke here? Is this a bit? It has to be a bit. There's no way John Salley can say what he did in that clip and believe any word that is coming out of his own mouth. It's a statement that is so outrageous I had to listen to it a few times just to make sure I was hearing him correctly.

John Wall is on the same level as Steph Curry? 

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Even his rationale makes no goddamn sense. You see, Steph Curry gets a break because he gets to play with Klay Thompson. John Wall doesn't have that. Yeah, I mean he played with Bradley Beal for forever, but don't worry about that. Also, there's this one little nugget of factual information that really throws a wrench in this whole take. I'm not sure if John Salley is aware, but Steph Curry hasn't had the option of playing with Klay Thompson for 2 whole years. 

Over those two years, the Warriors went a combined 54-83. That's bad. Now part of that was the fact that Curry only played 5 games in 2019 because he broke his hand, but last year? No Klay, no problem. A cool 32.0/5.5/5.8 on 48/42% shooting with 5.3 3PM a night. Led the league in scoring. Almost single handedly dragged his team to the playoffs. Has John Wall ever had numbers like that? Of course not. Nobody does. That's what makes Steph Curry an alien. This isn't me saying John Wall is some scrub either. Prime John Wall when healthy was a problem. But he's never been on the same level as Steph goddamn Curry.

What are we doing? Not only is he already the greatest shooter who has ever lived, he's playing his way into the conversation for one of the best point guards of all time. I don't know when it became cool to act like Steph Curry isn't an anomaly or something or like his accomplishments don't exist, but when I think of the two levels of Steph Curry and John Wall, there's a Grand Canyon sized gap between the two. That's true of pretty much every guard in the league right now. You can give Wall praise without taking away from what Steph Curry has accomplished. 

It makes me wonder if John Salley simply hasn't watched the NBA in the last 5 years. Maybe he still thinks 2016 John Wall exists. Maybe he doesn't even know Klay Thompson got hurt (twice). I could understand his thinking if that were the case. It would still be hilariously wrong, but you could understand why he was making an argument about playing next to Klay Thompson despite Steph just completing an MVP caliber season without Klay Thompson.


I dunno what it is about these old NBA guys, but they cannot seem to get out of their own way. Remember when Sheed said something equally moronic by declaring that LeBron wouldn't have been as dominant in Sheed's era despite the fact that he played in Sheed's era and was just as dominant? Literally dropped 25 straight points in Game 5 in 2007 against Sheed and the Pistons. He had a front row seat to that shit yet 14 years later says LeBron wouldn't be as dominant in his era. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.