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Lane Kiffin Told His OC He 'Said Something Stupid' and That Ole Miss Better Score a Lot of Points After His Popcorn Comment

Lane Kiffin was not bashful in his pregame interview just moments before his Ole Miss Rebels kicked off against No. 1 Alabama, telling Jamie Erdahl of CBS, "Get your popcorn ready," before tossing his headset back towards the camera and returning to the sideline.

He certainly regretted it after a 42-21 defeat at the hands of the Crimson Tide, but according to Kiffin today, he regretted it as soon as he said it. Kiffin said he told offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby, "I just said something really stupid. You better score a lot of points."

Obviously, we all saw how the game went. The Rebels eventually managed 21 points, but were shut out in the first half and were out of the game by halftime. Nobody really needed to have their popcorn ready.

Kiffin's comment made the rounds instantaneously, so much so that Alabama mascot Big Al donned a popcorn costume in the fourth quarter — why that already existed, I have no idea.

I can imagine the instant regret Kiffin had once he realized what he said and then remembered his team had to actually go out and play Alabama. However good you think your team is, going up against the Tide in Tuscaloosa is a completely different animal. There was nothing he or Lebby could have done that was going to change the result of that game.

If his comments today are any indication, maybe don't expect any more good clips from Kiffin's pre-game interviews.