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After Having 4 Kids This Year, Nick Cannon Has Declared He's Officially Trying To Be Celibate... Until 2022 Hits

[Page Six] - The father of seven, 40, confirmed that he has gone celibate on the advice of his therapist after welcoming four children with three different women in under a year.

“I told you, man, I’m celibate right now,” Cannon told hosts DJ EFN and N.O.R.E. during his “Drink Champs” interview on Friday. “I’m going to see if I could make it to 2022.”

When both hosts suggested he was “not really, kind of” celibate Cannon quickly interjected to shut down any suggestion he wasn’t following his decision to go dry.

“Nah y’all said I ain’t really. I’m saying I’m going in,” the former talk show host said.

Uhh yeah dude, this is probably a good idea. Four kids in general should make you celibate but four in one year?

 I'm getting a vasectomy at the earliest possible time and even then would just jerk off. No need to risk another kid. I say this as a father - confirmed 1 time correct sex haver. Kids are fucking hard work. You need to pay attention to them, they just run around and cause accidents without knowing any better. I don't care how rich and famous you are, kids are going to be kids. That's enough for celibacy. 

I do love that he's claiming he's 'trying' to be celibate just until 2022 then. A few months off is more than enough for him. In other words, he's going to be a regular ass dude. Welcome to our life, Nick. 3 months of no sex is what we call football season. You're all a little too fat off of wings, nachos and beers to be concerned about sex. You're dealing with watching your football team and trying everything possible for some wins. Maybe you're sweating out bets or fantasy football. I care about your fantasy team, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. We all play it, we all are curious about other teams. 

I fully get that he's a mega-celebrity and lives a different life. But four kids, that's a nightmare. We all need to 100% steal this though. You're on a dry streak? No worries. You're just trying to be celibate. It sounds so much better. Once 2022 hits though? Watch out world. We're going to get a horny Nick Cannon on the loose again. 

PS: Nick, let me advise you on a podcast to help.