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The Mets Officially Move On From Luis Rojas By Declining His Option As Every Mets Fan With A Brain Expected

Let's go live to Citi Field to see Bobby Axe dropping the first of what should be many axes to start the great purge!

This ain't your Wilpon Mets, folks! No more scholarships and holding onto your job for years simply because you are a familiar face. Uncle Stevie became a billionaire by hiring the right people and replacing the ones that don't perform and Luis Rojas got the hook after his one year audition. 

Rojas seemed like a good dude and is someone I'd love to have at my house for a dinner party or on my side in a fight with his 24" pythons. But having him as the baseball manager of my favorite team was slowly killing millions of Mets fans on a nightly basis, so this move had to be done ASAP which every Mets fan expected. Well, almost every Mets fan.

What a totally normal way to communicate! #FrankWasWrong


I am fine with Rojas getting a spot somewhere else in the Mets organization like Terry Collins did after he was let go. Everybody liked Luis throughout his time in the Minors and he was only thrown into the managerial role because of a scandal that happened on a different team which caused the Mets to fire their manager, which was about as Mets as it got. Rojas was an interim manager thrown into the fire during a pandemic shortened season that was under .500 both years he was here. Not everybody was made to be the captain of the ship and it became quite clear Luis was not one of those guys, at least as of now. The players may have loved him but they didn't love him enough to hit in the clutch and now Luis has to find a new job.

As for who the Mets should go after, there are plenty of candidates out there that will be discussed, but one I can think of off the top of my head that won't even require another jersey to be printed up in case Uncle Stevie wants to save extra money for his offseason spending spree.

Seth Wenig. Shutterstock Images.

Cue the "Ease his pain" sound bite from Field Of Dreams

More on the Rojas news, the next manager/general manager options for the Mets, the upcoming hot stove season, and why KFC is the reason the Mets were cursed this year on We Gotta Believe later today (available in both podcast form and on YouTube).