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Ben Simmons Can't Stop Catching Ricochet Shots, This Time From The Internet Hero Who Trapped An Alligator With His Trash Can

At this point I think I'm starting to feel bad for Ben Simmons? Sure a lot of this is due to his own refusal to ever improve his fatal basketball flaws, but man the hits just keep on coming. I'm sure you all remember this video from last week, it's still wild to me the more I watch it

and naturally the man became an internet hero overnight. No chance I have the guts to do something like that so credit to him. But you know things are tough for a guy when a conversation that has absolutely nothing to do with Ben Simmons somehow comes back to Ben Simmons being the butt of the joke. That's tough. In the event you've been living under a rock for the last several months, this is what that joke is based off of

My question is, what does Ben Simmons have to do to no longer be the butt of the joke? Once he's traded and on his new team, what does he have to do? Is it just a matter of showing any signs of improvement? Maybe some evidence that he's not afraid to shoot? It's not like he already doesn't have the individual accolades, so when do the jokes stop. Honestly, with how the internet is today and with NBA Twitter never forgetting anything, I'm not sure it does. Unless Simmons leads his new team to a title as the #1 option, I sort of feel like he's stuck. The damage is done. The thing is, it's not just random normal people making these jokes either!

I don't know why, but these Ben Simmons jokes always play. It shouldn't be that way, you would think it would be played out by now but it feels like that punchline has real staying power. I mean it's been years of this shit and people are still making those jokes because frankly they're still accurate. 

Then you hear how this sort of stuff started to impact Simmons

and the whole thing is just sad. I mean he's turned into a laughing stock for both basketball related jokes and random news interviews about trapping a random alligator in your yard. If only his offensive game had that sort of range, we probably wouldn't be here in the first place