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Broncos HC Vic Fangio Continues To Whine About The Ravens' Final Play, Says He "Expected It From Them"

I've already dissected this a bit earlier and if you want to get up to speed about what Vic Fangio is referring to, you can read that HERE. Towards the end of that blog, I expressed that Vic Fangio wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't stand up for his team and show some feelings of discontent in that moment.

With that said, him going up to the podium today and crying bullshit is... well... it's bullshit. It's Dude Wipes soft. If his antics on the sideline were to protect the pride of his team, then that should've been internalized thereafter and handled behind closed doors. And honestly, it should've been flushed overnight. The fact that he's still harping on this today is such a loser mentality, which is exactly what gets you a 15-21 record over 2 years and change.

What's lamer is him trying to take shots at Coach Harbs and the Ravens as an organization with regards to player safety. Maybe I'm oblivious, but I'm pretty sure Harbs is one of the more respected coaches in the league and I can't think of any major incidents in that realm. Maybe some borderline hits back in the day, but that can happen sometimes when you play hard-nosed defensive football. Which... oh wait... Vic Fangio had a direct hand in in a variety of roles on the Ravens defensive staff from 2006-09. 

Maybe that gives him credibility to speak on the matter and maybe that makes him a hypocrite. But if this was a reputation that followed John Harbaugh, you would think we would have heard about it sooner than 13 years and running on the job. So at the end of the day, Vic Fangio just looks like a hypocritical loser burning a bridge that he may wish he still had when he's on the job market looking for a D-Coordinator role in a few months.

PS Coach Harbs was coy at first but basically dunked on him by the end of his presser today. Bravo Coach. Bravo.