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Some Scumbag Delivered One Of The Worst Sucker Punches To Start A Wild Brawl Between LA Galaxy And LAFC Fans

I don't want to mislead anyone with my headline because all sucker punches are dumb. If you truly want to start a fight it should be law that you have to look the other person in the eye and declare it's time to get it on. Then it's a true fight. But this guy? He may have delivered the worst sucker punch I've seen strictly because of the result. This guy in the bottom right at the 7 second mark. 

The big man barely flinched after he wildly missed and hit him in the chest area. Again, if you're going to be a scumbag you better make sure the guy is stunned a little bit. He looked like he brushed a fly off his shirt, maybe some leftover pretzel salt. Pretzels and cheese by the way are an elite stadium snack. Doesn't get talked about enough, but that's not the point of the blog. That was of course followed up by ANOTHER sucker punch on the same dude. I don't know what happened but at no point should someone at a stadium receive multiple sucker punches. 

Then all hell breaks loose around the 1:20 mark. We have kicks, punches and a full on brawl. The larger point here is what the fuck is going on with the return of fans to sports? It seems like every week there is a fight in the stands. What happened to the good old days of going to a game, talking shit and then leaving? Simple times. I don't even know what would trigger someone to start a fight at the game. Just talk shit. That's fine. I can't be looking over my shoulder to make sure there's not a stray punch coming at my dome. 

PS: I'll beat you to the joke. Of course it happened after a tie.