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Ted Lasso Continues His Run At World Dominance By Signing A Deal With The EPL To Use Their Jerseys, Trophy, And Footage

Listen I'm not gonna sit here and pretend to get overly giddy about this deal. I'm not the biggest soccer guy so I honestly thought this was already a thing? When Richmond played Manchester City at Wembley Stadium earlier this season was that not their real jerseys they were wearing? I wish I knew more about soccer so I could know that answer and I'm actively trying to get more into it thanks to this friggen show, but until then I'm confused. 

Now what I AM HAPPY about is the fact that this seems to be an absolutely pivotal and amazing move for the most pleasant show we've seen in years. Having the actual fucking English Premier League on board with everything is pretty fucking LEGIT though and proves that Ted Lasso is quite literally taking over the world. Not to mention this looks like it comes with some spoilers as one can assume that the squad is getting promoted back to the EPL on Friday if they're making this deal for all upcoming seasons we have on deck.

And obviously that's not even a big deal considering it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that there probably wasn't another season of relegation happening. What DID catch my eye though was the rights to that EPL trophy (eyeball emojis). I cannot fucking wait for AFC Richmond to win the EPL and there's simply just a worldwide parade in literally every city. Going to be epic.