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Mind Blown: Rebecca Welton (The Owner From Ted Lasso) And The Shame Lady From Game Of Thrones ARE THE EXACT SAME PERSON

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I had no idea either. 

Or maybe you already knew? Maybe this is common knowledge amongst the rest of you guys. But for me this is new information and it rises to such a strong level fo WHAT THE FUCK that I'm compelled to make it public knowledge on the world's largest(?) internet media company. I don't have up to date numbers so don't hold me to that. Point is the new powerhouse MILF in my life isn't very new. Turns out we've spent many years hating Rebecca Welton to the point that the audience actually enjoyed watching her getting waterboarded with red wine. 

There's a lot of hateful characters in Game of Thrones. Septa Unella certainly doesn't rise to Tier 1 level. But she's not far behind in the honorable mentions, and that's largely because she's come to own one of the all time great memes 

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Who knew that lurking underneath that multi-layered, hand-woven tunic was a body made by the old gods and the new. Lord have mercy. 

Christ have mercy

I'm not trying to get too horny here on a Monday. Same time I'd be a sucker not to come out and say Rebecca Walton just does it for me.

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I've been on this record before. I like MILFs a lot. 

Speaking of which, I had a discouraging journey this Sunday trying to track down Susanna. I'll get into it this week on Red Line Radio so make sure you subscribe. Maybe we'll get into MILFs and other related topics. 

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For now I just want to know if you guys were mind blown by this? Or was this common knowledge and I'm a big dumb idiot for not knowing this.