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How Jim Harbaugh Avoided Urban Situations

If you haven't seen the news about Urban Meyer by now you probably live under a rock or don't use the internet over the weekend. But the married man has apologized for his fraternizing with coeds over the weekend.


Very powerful men like Urban Meyer get put in these situations all the time. Some succumb to the attention while others handle it absolutely differently.

That's where Jim Harbaugh checks into the equation. He doesn't dance with the women, he makes them play catch with him. 

It gets better

I wish I had a video of Harbaugh absolutely whipping spirals at a bunch of drunk college girls. I mean this is a ridiculous, ludicrous story. Imagine if Urban Meyer didn't have a video of him grinding on chicks but instead hitting them right between the numbers with footballs. Honestly, I don't know what would be a worse look. Would you want your football team's head coach caught doing what Urban was, or throwing absolute seeds at women who can't catch the heat? Harbaugh probably chugged three glasses of milk and hucked a 40-yard laser right into some poor woman's head. This is not a one off scenario, Jim definitely has done that several times.