Uh Oh, It's Over For The NFL Now That The Lions Are Going To Try A New 'Pissed Off' Strategy Thanks To Dan Campbell

[PFT] - Lions head coach Dan Campbell said after the game that the loss “ought to piss you off” and Goff agreed with his coach about the mindset that the Lions need to adopt heading into next Sunday’s game in Minnesota.

“And then you’re not happy about it. Yeah, maybe a pissed-off team will execute a little bit better and that’s me included. How can we be better next week? Maybe getting pissed off will be the answer.”

The NFL better watch out because the Lions just cracked the code. They are pissed off. That'll change the franchise loser ways around no problem at all. I actually like the Lions. I feel bad for the Lions at the same time. They always had sweet players - Barry Sanders obviously. They had cool colors and jerseys growing up. They were fun to watch and fun to play with in old school video games. But they stink. It's a loser franchise and has been forever. 

I'm even a Dan Campbell fan - mostly due to the fact that he's a content machine. But this is also the most Dan Campbell type thing possible. We're 4 weeks in and he's got Jared Goff talking about how getting pissed off will be the answer. Uh, I'm pretty sure it's not turning the ball over. That's usually step 1. Step 2 is not falling behind early on in the game and then having to recover. Step 3 is clearly not giving up 66-yard game-winning field goals. Think I just solved all the Lions problems right there. Then again this was a headline this very season. 

Sometimes you just have to chalk it up to being the Lions. All I know is pray for the Vikings kneecaps.