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I'd Like To Give A Shoutout To "Briggs" From UNC, The Kid Who Has To Make Tiktok Dances As A Part Of His Pledging Process

I don't know if anyone else here is on #Pledgetok with Briggs, but it's probably my new favorite facet of Tiktok. As far as we can tell, our King Briggs is pledging a fraternity, and one of his pledge requirements is to do these dances, and post them. Hilarious idea tbh. Doesn't hurt anyone, is extremely funny to watch this kid try to do these dances, and now each of his videos are getting millions of views. Win win. Why is he mesmerizing to watch? Who knows. We just love Briggs blindly.

And so does everyone else:

What else is there to say? He's a superstar. Move over Addison, move over Charlie, move over Brianna Chickenfry. Briggs is the future.