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Boardy Barn Is Up For Sale In The Worst News Imaginable On A Monday

News 12- A popular Hampton Bays party spot is now up for sale after 51 years in business.

The owners have confirmed to News 12 Long Island the 2.6-acre property is for sale now.

In a statement, the longtime owners thanked their loyal customers by saying, "Words could never convey how grateful we are to our loyal customers, friends & family from over the decades who make The Barn such a special place."

"The barn," as is affectionately known, was a rite of passage for some young people on the Island, and many memories were made at the business over the years, though some in the community are pleased that the beer-soaked bar and dance hall is up for sale.

What. The. Fuck. This is just about as bad as news as you can see on a Monday morning when you're a drunk guy from Long Island. The Barn is actually being bought by someone else?!?!??! The BARN!!!! For those not in the know from KFC's tweets over the years, the Boardy Barn is just about as iconic as a place could get out here. It's not even a building- it's literally just a massive tent with cheap beer & good times that is open only every Sunday from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. Not to mention the playlist is simply American class singalongs which just make for a splendid time. Now this is always destination due to its location in Hampton Bays- really the only way to go about attending is getting a bus with 50 of your closest friends to get a ride there and back.

It really is the best. And to think those times will never be had again makes me sad. Real sad. Sad to the point that I may need to pool some money together and make the purchase. You think Billy Joel would be interested in buying? Or Jerry Seinfeld? 2 Long Islanders with deep pockets. If i was them I'd make the purchase in the name of our people. 

Our fellow co-worker Marty Mush also told me that he read somewhere it's gonna become a bank. I have no idea if that's true or not due to the fact that he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Now let me tell you- if some big bank purchased the Boardy Barn to make it a fucking bank...THAT would be like legitimate movie villain type shit. That's something fucking Lex Luthor would do. I'm disgusted. Pray for the Barn.