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Happy Victory Monday Giants Fans!

Damn it feels good to hear that beautiful music as a smiling Steven Cheah casually nods along and even better to see a picture like this on a Monday morning!

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Games like yesterday are exactly why the first three losses of the season hurt so much. We know what this offense is capable of when its weapons are utilized correctly. You had Saquon doing Saquon things when in space, Kenny Golladay breaking off chunk plays like he did in Detroit, and Kadarius Toney revealing himself as an absolute WEAPON.

Toney being able to juke defenders and break tackles in the NFL like he did in college is so fucking awesome because you never know if a rookie will be able to take his game to the next level until he does it and I think it's safe to say Yung Joka did just that. Even just falling forward for that extra yard or two every time makes a huge difference in a game of inches. That's football, right? I always forget because baseball seems like everything changes based on the slightest inch.

Sorry that's just semantics. The story of the day was our little lamb roaring like a lion when his team needed him and especially when the game was on the line.

Huuuuuuuuuuge shout out to Kyle Rudolph for recovering that fumble in overtime that would've been just another crushing moment for Giants fans, which essentially makes him the anti Evan Engram

****That interception was on a Hail Mary at the end of the half and was Danny's first pick in like 10 games

Not only that, but Big Cat has finally hopped on board The Danwagon!

He may have jumped off once he saw the gauntlet the Giants have to go through. But I'm not letting him off the wagon that easily. Buy your Danny Dimes shirts and wear what the pros wear!


A big reason Danny could come through is because the line, led by Andrew Thomas, put on a clinic against a tough Saints front.

It's almost likes calling a football player a bust after a couple of games is silly! To everyone who did that, I have the perfect gif for you.

Rob Sale is already one of my ten favorite people on the planet and I'm not even sure how he fixed the line but I love him nonetheless. Having a line that can shove guys around in the running game and protect in the passing game changes everything if whoever called the offense yesterday continues calling it with the same aggression. And they better next week because the Cowboys are gonna score more points than the Saints did.

But that's next week. Let's enjoy this Victory Monday until the clock strikes midnight and celebrate not having to avoid all NFL highlights for days.

If you want to watch an out of shape blogger, which is pretty much a super out of shape blogger considering the connotation that comes with being a blogger, rant about this game for 3 minutes while taking a lap around his house, boy do I have a treat for you.

Let's build on this and beat the shit out of the Cowboys on Sunday.