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Robin Lehner Hopped On Twitter And Started Throwing Some Serious Medical Allegations Out There Against NHL Teams

Jeff Bottari. Getty Images.

Alright so just a couple of things right off the bat. First of all, I'm not going to say too much about anything here just because I feel like there are a few things said in these tweets that'll require some lawyers on multiple sides being involved. I like to stay out of anything that deals with lawyers. But secondly, let's just get a little context going for everybody. 

Robin Lehner, much like everybody else, has been sitting around this offseason completely flabbergasted by the situation in Buffalo with Jack Eichel. Eichel wants a disk replacement procedure for his injured neck, the Sabres want him to get a fusion, and they've been locked in this stalemate for months now. 

We'll hear the media talk about the situation. We'll hear fans talk about the situations. We might even hear from a few former players about what's going on. But rarely do we ever hear a current NHL player come out and voice their opinions about something that is currently happening in the league, especially when it's dealing with another team. Robin Lehner decided it was time to change that. 


Just keep that last tweet in mind for a little later. 

Clearly Robin Lehner is fed up with one of the best players on the planet not being ready to play this season because his team won't allow him to get the surgery he wants. And clearly Robin Lehner isn't afraid to voice those concerns. But concerns only get you so far. And after a couple of days of nobody else stepping up, that's when Robin Lehner decided it was time to turn up the heat a few notches. 

First up was a story about his own medical history in the NHL. Now obviously that's a super unfortunate situation for Lehner. Ankle gets messed up, pills to "help" the pain, and then Robin Lehner has been super open about his battles with addiction as well as mental illness. He's been one of the leading guys in the league who are open about their battles and trying to make it easier for other guys to get help with theirs. 

But his stories have already been out there. So Robin Lehner decided it was time to go even further and put the word out that he'd be releasing more as time goes on unless something changes. 


That's when the Philadelphia Flyers got thrown into the mix. 

Again, some pretty serious accusations being thrown around there so I'm not going to comment on them. But Robin Lehner is standing by his word here. 


And it looks like at the very least, he got his point across. 

End of the day, it definitely took some balls for Robin Lehner to put himself out there for Eichel. Regardless of how it all shakes out, that's a guy who clearly cares about the brotherhood of the league and not just himself. You can always say what you want about players as athletes. But character means more than stats. Tough to ever root against a guy like Robin Lehner.