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'The Awful Thing Didn't Happen' - Welcome To The Official Mark Stoops Appreciation Blog

[The Athletic] - “I’m envisioning all these awful things that could happen,” said Scearce, a 1967 UK graduate who has seen that movie far too many times. “And then the awful thing didn’t happen.”

It's Monday morning at 8:09 as I write this. I'm currently sitting on my couch with my dog snoring next to me. All I can think about is what happened Saturday night. Most people can't understand it, because most people aren't Kentucky football fans. Most people aren't fans of teams that have heartbreak after heartbreak to the same fucking team. I wasn't alive the last time Kentucky beat Florida at home. Do you know how impossible that sounds when you find out I'm 34 goddamn years old? That all changed though and like that quote says. The awful thing didn't happen.

You see when you're a Kentucky football fan, you've seen this movie. You're used to the awful thing happening. Instead Kentucky caught all the breaks. But it's not an accident, it's because of one man and one man only. Mark Stoops. 

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Look at that beautiful bastard from Youngstown. Actually let me put a little more in perspective here. 

It's easy to look at his overall record and shrug it off. Mind you he had a COMPLETE rebuild. Joker Phillips left this program as a disaster and Stoops had to build it up. Now, we're here. 

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I never once thought I'd see Kentucky favored over LSU. I never thought I'd see that number next to Kentucky's name and not next to LSU. But Mark Stoops is here. He's doing it an old school way too while changing his thought process. He brought in Liam Coen from the Rams and is opening up the playbook more. But he still relies on defense and running the ball. That's why I'll always thank guys like Benny Snell, Terry Wilson, Lynn Bowden, Josh Allen, Kash Daniel, Josh Paschal, Lonnie Johnson, Mike Edwards and that entire group for changing the program around. There's NOTHING like watching your college football team compete. 

I'd also like to thank Waka Flocka 

I'd also like to thank Scott Frost for fucking up and not realizing how to use Wan'Dale Robinson. 

But Mark Stoops has turned Kentucky into an actual program. We are going to be favored in likely every game but Georgia the rest of the way. 10 wins in the regular season is a realistic thing to say, which is fucking bananas. The awful thing didn't happen. Put it on Mark Stoops' tombstone.