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This Titans Fan Said He'd Rename His Youngest Daughter "Bill Cowher" If The Jets Beat The Titans After Cowher Picked The Jets To Win

Great thread here that popped up during the Titans embarrassing loss to the Jets yesterday. Lance Smith, a fan of the boys in two tone blue was appalled when he heard Bill Cowher on the pregame show say that he thought the Titans would lose to the Jets. No way that happens, not now, not never. Lance was so sure the Titans would beat the Jets that he let his followers know that if the Jets beat the Titans he would rename his youngest daughter "Bill Cowher". Well fast forward about three and a half hours later and he now has a daughter named "Bill Cowher".

It was a disgusting game by the Titans. Couldn't score in the red zone, couldn't really do anything on offense that wasn't Derrick Henry gashing the Jets, couldn't do anything in overtime when they needed it the most and this guy paid the price. Now he has to explain to his daughter, wife, and family members why they have to call her "Bill". "Sorry honey, because AJ Brown and Julio Jones were out and then a few offensive lineman went down and the Titans couldn't stop a rookie who has looked awful for 3 weeks we have to call you Bill now." Yeah, that will go over well. I bet when he introduces his daughter as "Bill Cowher" they will expect to see a young lady with a MASSIVE chin, but that isn't the case. Just a child who's dad flew too close to the sun. 

At least he seems to be accepting of the name and is letting it fly.

Nothing like giving Bill Cowher a bath and then getting them dressed for bed.


But then you do always have to worry about Bill Cowher sneaking into your bed and snuggling with you every night. That would be a weird thing to try and explain to something at the water cooler. The Titans laid an absolute egg on the field but at least this dad now has a new, lovely relationship with his daughter, Bill Cowher. Nothing like a bond between a father and his Cowher.