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Aaron Judge Walks It Off To Send The Yankees To The Postseason

Mike Stobe. Getty Images.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Thank God for Aaron Judge. Thank God for that man. Yet again, another clutch hit for 99 who has come through for this team all season long. What an excruciating, intense, nail biting off the bone baseball game to watch. My heart needs a break, I'm not going to catch my breath for hours. The bullpen was nails and Jamo was fantastic to start getting the first 10 outs. 

Man, I didn't need that but the offense was abysmal for 8 innings. Completely non-existent. Finally came to life in the 9th and they were able to pull it out. I am exhausted. 

Looks like we're avoiding chaos and the Yankees will be headed to Boston Tuesday night for the AL Wild Card Game. Jesus. Do this all again in Fenway. Eovaldi vs. Cole. Kill me

All hail the magic turtle we call Bronxie