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Dolphins Diary Week 4: Dead on Arrival

It's all over; the Miami Dolphins are again a team without a future; they are fucked and don't even have a draft pick to fix it. There is an incompetent offensive line, a receiving core that can't catch, the worst running backs in the league, and nobody who can play quarterback. So these geniuses traded down and traded up and gave up a top-five pick for a late-round pick, all while there is no hope anytime soon. The Dolphins played their worst game yet, and the season is already over with the Buccaneers on the horizon next week. 

After his hip injury in college, the Dolphins knew that Tua Tagovailoa was a risky pick. Miami needed to surround Tua with a good offensive line; they failed miserably. The Dolphins had the draft capital to build a good team, but Chris Grier failed in epic fashion. His move to trade down and trade-up was so foolhardy it has left the Dolphins without a good pick in 2022, as the Eagles own their pick. Meanwhile, they got the 49ers' pick in exchange. The Niners will pick in the back end of the first round a player that will not have an impact. There is no hope. 

The Dolphins had their chances to beat the Colts on Sunday but made too many unforced errors. From holding calls to offsides, the Dolphins line not only failed to block, they often took good plays away, as the Dolphins committed some careless penalties, one that helped spark the Colts and changed the game just before the half. The Dolphins dominated the first half but led 3-0 as a fumbled punt only resulted in three points. Meanwhile, an offsides call on a punt gave the Colts a first down in which they were able to take a 7-3 lead at the half. Earlier, Miami pinned the Colts at the one and got the ball at midfield but went three and out feebly. 

The Colts got the ball at the start of the second half and marched right down the field to extend the lead to 14-3. Jonathan Taylor set the tone with a 38-yard run on the first play from scrimmage. Taylor had 103 yards on 16 carries with a touchdown. Things began to get away from the Dolphins as Jakeem Grant Jr muffed a punt. The Colts eventually extended the lead to 20-3 before Miami finally had a sustainable drive and scored a touchdown as Mike Gesicki made a catch on a terrible throw and stumbled his way into the end zone on fourth down. The Colts and Dolphins each added another touchdown in the fourth quarter as the Colts raced away with a 27-17 win.

The Dolphins played poorly with two turnovers as the running game was non-existent, with 35 yards on 16 carries. Jacoby Brissett was slow at developing plays 199 yards, most of which came in garbage time. Brissett averaged just six yards per completion. In addition, he was sacked three times and had a fumble. 

The game was a disaster and the season is a disaster; the worse it gets, the more the Dolphins have to seriously consider making a move for Deshaun Watson. It's a considerable risk, and the Texans' trade demands are still too high, but if you can get him for the Niners pick and no more than two more picks, the trigger must be pulled. If Watson is cleared of the accusations, he will be the best quarterback that Miami has had since Dan Marino retired, and with no way to get a quarterback next year, they have to start thinking of making the big move. I am tired of losing. It is time to be bold and make a move because the Dolphins are again in NFL hell.