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Gio Urshela Just Made An Unbelievable Catch Risking It All That Sent Him Crashing Into The Rays Dugout

HOLY SHIT WHAT A PLAY!! Gio Urshela risking everything on the final day of the season to get this team a W. Yanks can't get a single thing going on offense, pitching forced to keep throwing up zeroes and here's Urshela sprinting 126 feet full speed to make a catch and crash into the Rays dugout. Insane play. Maybe the catch of the year. Nothing there to stop his fall, no players there to catch him. Insane. What a fucking play. No regard for his body or well being. Thankfully after a few minutes he was able to walk off the field with just a limp. I thought he drilled his head and was unconscious at first, that looked like it was bad.

Somehow he's staying in the game. 

You think this matters for the players? How about Angel Hernandez going over the top rope to make the call. Heart. We call that heart. 

Shocked he actually got this one right. Imagine he went down there and just said nah he dropped it. Big moment for Angel. 

P.S. God forbid this team wants to score a fucking run today.