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Today's Falcons Loss Only Included an 88 Percent Win Probability, So Really Not That Bad

We're really still doing this shit, huh? When is enough enough?

If you thought the Falcons were going to win that game, I don't know what to tell you. It had every element of a prototypical Atlanta collapse: a fourth quarter lead, giving the ball back to the opponent up one possession with two minutes left and a gaudy win probability. Today's was just 88 percent late in the game, though, so by Falcons standards, this was a walk in the park.

Washington had guys running wide open all over the field with less than two minutes left and only needing a field goal. I praised Arthur Smith earlier for his use of Cordarrelle Patterson, but his pal Dean Pees is certainly not doing the trick. Today was the offense's best performance of the season and it still didn't matter.

I really told myself this week, "Well the next two are against Washington and the Jets, maybe we can get to 3-2 going into the bye." Idiot.

Even as someone who has resigned himself to the fact the Falcons will always be an abject joke and expects things like this to happen, I'm still mad when they do. These assholes just find a way to continue to make things infuriating, even for someone who doesn't really care all that much anymore.

Same shit, different day.