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"BOOOOOM!!! WE WANT THAT MOTHAFUCKA MAN" - Jabrill Peppers Winning The Coin Toss And The Hearts Of Millions Of Giants Fans Before Saquon Locked Up The W

I'm not sure if the Giants coaches want to win this game or not lose it, but it's clear Jabrill Peppers wants to win, so that's good! I went from wanting the Giants to resign Jabrill Peppers this offseason to needing it more than air after inspiring this team to win.

When you know your team has to stop Daniel Mothafucka Jones from scoring a touchdown in overtime or else you lose.

He knew. The entire Superdome knew. LETSSSSSS GOOOOOOO.

P.S. Shout out Jabrill Peppers for calling Heads like a real man. Tails never fails is for children. Heads or your dead for motherfucking life! NOW HIT THE MUSIC!!!