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The Bears Win After Matt Nagy Gets Out Of Their Way

I ain't gonna sugarcoat it. The Lions are horrible. Like the Bears aren't good, but the Lions are next level bad. I say that with no disrespect as I say in the video as I like Detroit and they're rebuilding, but man they're just an ugly football team.

Alot of good things out of the Bears today as well. Bill Lazor (we think) called a solid game. Justin Fields had some great throws. Robert Quinn has come back alive. And most of all our idiot coach stayed out of the way except for a horrendous challenge early.

The Monty injury didn't look good though. Hopefully it's not as serious as it looked as we have a monster 3 game stretch coming up with at LV, GB at home, and then at TB.


We'll see where it goes from here...

Bear Down