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NFL Week 4 Round Up - AFC

Here's everything that happened in the American Football Conference this week.

Raymond Boyd. Getty Images.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinatti Bengals -7.5
O/U 46.5

This game was Thursday night before all the Urban fallout. 

Was good to see he was swift to issue this statement-


The Jags had this one in control for the entire first half. Then the wheels came off.

This is insane for a matchup of these two teams -

Jaguars 21
Bengals 24

Titans at Jets +6
O/U 44.5

How many teasers and parlays did this one ruin?

The story of this game is how nobody wanted to watch it, yet CBS forced us all to in almost every market.

The Jets trailed for all of the first half and it looked like things were going their usual way.

But then Zach Wilson balled out in the 2nd half to mount a comeback

Which pushed overtime. Where the Titans kicker shanked one to give the Jets their first win of the year

Titans 24
Jets 27

Colts at Dolphins -2
O/U 42.5

Mojo was on Miami's side in this one as S̶n̶o̶w̶f̶l̶a̶k̶e̶ Zo picked them

This first half sucked.

The Colts took over in the 2nd half.

Dolphins fans didn't stick around though

Colts 24
Dolphins 17

Texans at Bills -17
O/U 47

CBS had a rough day

As did the Texans

p.s. karma is coming for this guy

Texans 0
Bills 40

Ravens at Broncos +1
O/U 44

There was a lot of good drama in this one. Mostly at the end of the game, but this was a physical battle all day.

Lamar Jackson shined 

The Ravens won this one easily but John Harbaugh continues to be a shitbag.

Ravens 23
Broncos 7

Buccaneers at Patriots (+7, 49.5)

Want a good chuckle?

Want another one?

Bruce Ariens carries himself like his name is Bill Belichick. Bizarre cat.

The Bucs defense finally showed signs of life in this one-

Except for Richard Sherman. He was useless.

Until he came up with this huge fumble recovery

Mac Jones looked FANTASTIC.

This game was much closer than anticipated, and its a shame it ended on this.

Giving Brady the ball back with 50 seconds and two timeouts for one last game winning drive in Foxboro would have been the most poetic ending ever.

Buccaneers 19
Patriots 17

Raiders at Chargers -3
O/U 51.5

The LA Chargers football culture just seems different. I'm all about it.

Weird start to this one though.

Suck it Stephen A.

I love Justin Herbert. And I loved him before it was cool.

Derek Carr woke up at halftime and made this a game.

The Chargers sneaky have some big playmakers on defense this year

But they might have the MVP under center-

Do you remember?

Raiders 14
Chargers 28

That's it for this week. Sorry for the tardiness. Sunday night's Pats Bucs game tailgating in the rain not getting home til 2 in the morning kicked my ass. Be back on schedule next week.