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A #BillsMafia Couple That Throws Each Other Through Tables Together, Stays Together

That was my #GirlDad reaction to seeing this video even though I'm sure the actual dads of these young ladies are currently beaming with pride, likely as they recorded everything on their iPhones

Isn't that beautiful? As the old adage goes, a couple that goes to Bills tailgates (and the ER) together, stays together. I'd politely ask these lovely young ladies and their significant others to save the Brock Lesnar Grade powerbombs until the winter since this has a chance to be the longest Bills season we have seen in decades. But I suppose they are already holding back on lighting the tables on fire until then, which is likely when the first stages of CTE will set in. But at that point, the excitement of watching Josh Allen's giant ass lead the Bills into the playoffs along with the frigid Buffalo winter will overpower any sort of side effects that these literal ride or die chicks will feel.

Have yourself a Sunday, Buffalo!