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It's pretty unbelievable how bad last weeks loss changed the scope of the season. We went from mild optimism to complete apathy so quickly because I truly don't know a single person that's not sleepwalking into this game. Sure, the opponent has something to do with it, but the real truth is that I think we all somehow physically felt those 9 sacks Fields endured. Or at least have replayed them over and over again in our head all week to the point where our brains are mangled.

I wish I could say it will be interesting to see how Nagy adapts after getting a ton of heat, but does it really matter? Maybe he appeases us this week and does some of the obvious shit that needs to be done, but he's just going to go back to his dumb bullshit at some point. Just gotta hope Fields will have some time and opportunity to grow in some capacity because lord knows it didn't happen last week.

Bear Down I guess.