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The Video Of Mariners Announcer Dave Sims Going Nuts While Calling The Go-Ahead Hit For The Mariners Last Night Is Perfect

LOVE this video the Mariners put out of their announcer Dave Sims calling the go-ahead hit for the Mariners in their crucial win last night over the Angels. The Mariners are trying to get in the playoffs for the first time since 2001 and they are so close they can taste it. On the last day of the season they're tied with the Blue Jays who are both 1 game out of a Wild Card spot, we could have some insane drama here today with these finishes. The Mariners have basically been playing playoff games for the last 2 weeks, they've needed every win they could to keep pace with the Jays, Yankees, and Red Sox. Down 4-3 to the Angels in the bottom of the 8th with the bases loaded and Mitch Haniger at the plate. A Mariners loss is basically the end of their season so they have to get a hit here. Haniger pokes one through and it scored 2 to put the Mariners up 5-4 and they never look back eventually winning 6-4. HUGE win for the Mariners to keep pace going into the last day of the season.

But the coolest part of all of this is the Mariners and ROOT Sports having a camera on their announcer, Dave Sims. Some teams announcers enjoy the team they cover, you can tell Sims LOVES the Mariners. You can't fake a moment like this from him. He is living and dying with every pitch of their season. Just look at the excitement from him as he calls the go-ahead hit. Nothing fake about this at all, and it was a great move to have a camera on him. The Mets do this too and it's awesome every time, more teams should do this. Kind of a peek behind the curtain at what goes on in the booth. The call is perfect too, he describes it perfectly all while losing his mind in the booth. Love how he gave it time to breathe too, probably because he also needed to breathe. But he didn't take over the moment and babble over it. Him being silent let you hear the "WE WILL ROCK YOU" playing over the PA system too and that was really cool. The fist pumps really put it over the top too. Some awesome stuff here by Sims and the Mariners.