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If You Have A Wife or Girlfriend Read This

Putting my mom-daughter Vlog on this website would be about as effective as thinking Mississippi State is good. 

Or teaching Nicholas Cage how to act. 

Or being from Seat... I'm not allowed to make that joke anymore. RIP.

But hear me out. I fell in love with Barstool not because I found it on my own, because, like my first beer, someone introduced it to me. My brother.

Now, they say behind all good men is a strong woman, and today, that applies to every football fanatic. And if she’s not behind you, she’s in the kitchen where she should be. *But she'll be behind you later. Hilarious. Just hilarious. 

But, if you're Urban Meyer... you're behind her. 

My point is while you watch football, show her this Vlog. You don’t need to watch it. It has absolutely nothing to do with sports. It’s my mom and me, the first Barstool mom-daughter duo, and our journey start to finish moving from Oklahoma to New York. 


Hope you all have a Happy Sunday