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Brandon Walker And Joey Mulinaro Had A Weird But Highly Entertaining Twitter Spat

God I love this company. When I woke up this morning, the last thing I expected to see was a highly contentious Twitter fight between Brandon and Joey. Had no idea there was beef there, but apparently it's there and it's very real. As the #1 fan of all Barstool drama and in-fighting, I figured I'd get this on the blog to try to understand what happened here. 

It started with the above tweet from Brandon. I guess Brandon gives Joey shit about his sports team choices - Cubs, Steelers, LSU, and maybe Purdue? Joey lives in Indiana, but I believe Brandon took issue with him wearing a Purdue jersey while also claiming to be an LSU fan. 

Joey responds with a quote RT. 

And then follows up with a reply to that. 

(I believe Brandon has 4 kids for fact checking purposes). 

Walk Daddy responds and says Joey can't leave this war he started. 

Now what is this war he speaks of? I reached out to Brandon for comment and he said "Last week when LSU, his second CFB team, beat miss state, he texted me a chirp."

Here is the mentioned chirp sent from Joey to Brandon last Saturday.

So that's where this stems from. Now back to the Twitter fight. 

Brandon follows up with a clean shot. 

Joey does not care for said shot. 

A hard "i" from Joey. We know Brandon doesn't take being called a "moron from Mississippi" well so I can't imagine he takes "Mississippi inbred" much better. He stays calm though. 

Joey then switches his focus from Brandon to the people tweeting at him. 

Is he saying these people don't have wives? Or is he saying they are married to unsophisticated women who likely don't even have throw pillows? It's almost certainly the former.

Joey then apparently took this battle offline and texted Brandon. 

So that answers any potential questions of "Is Joey being serious?" and "Was Joey hacked?" Seems like it's just some actual beef. Which is awesome! It's more Joey having a problem with Brandon than vice versa, but sometimes that's all you need for some Saturday afternoon fireworks. 

Joey ended it with this. 

Onward for now, but this is something I'll be monitoring very closely. Maybe we even get a Rough N' Rowdy out of it?

Have a great Saturday evening all!