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I Met Josh Richards Yesterday And It Was Even More Awkward Than You'd Imagine

Sometimes, I amaze even myself with my ability to make situations awkward. This is one of those examples. TikTok superstar and BFFs co-host Josh Richards came to Barstool HQ for the first time yesterday. The office was pretty empty and being that I was one of the only people there who he's interacted with before, I figured I'd say hello and formally introduce myself. 

Probably about a year ago, I was on an episode of BFFs that never got released. I think it was like a week into the podcast and they were still figuring things out and didn't really have anything to talk about that day. So Dave told me "just come in for this" because Josh had told him previously that he knew me from the Vape God interview. And I'm always happy to meet a fan so I of course obliged. But outside of that 90 second conversation, we also didn't have much to talk about. But since my appearance, I'd say they have certainly figured things out. Probably just needed Smokes in there to get the ball rolling. 

So yesterday I figured I'd introduce myself in person and reminiscence on our times together as co-hosts. It certainly could've gone better. But hey, friends bust each others chops and that's exactly what Josh and I did. Also totally a flawless handshake/dap that wasn't awkward at all. Smooth as hell. Just a couple TikTok sensations broing out. He'll probably text me tonight go out to a club together. 

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