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Tom Brady’s ‘Homecoming’ Video is a Category 5 Storm of Emotions

I don’t know how, but Tom Brady managed to fit 20-plus years of unparalleled achievement into a one minute animation. From the gangly kid in the boxer shorts to the godlike figure standing behind the impossible seven Lombardis and everything in between.

I mean, this is a work of art. A perfect blend of touching sentimentality, humor, pathos, and nostalgia. A CGI walk down Memory Sideline unlike any journey anyone else has ever taken. And it’s cathartic in a way. Even that part where he fast-forwards through the Super Bowl That Shall Not Be Named I &II? That 10year stretch Brady didn’t want to relive was a Hall of Fame career. But in his case, it’s his low point. “Incredible” is not a strong enough word.

Tomorrow night is still going to be my emotional Chernobyl. And I’m dreading it. I actually envy the people who are disengaged from this whole event. And that way that sometimes the living envy the dead. And I’ve got friends who have been able to root for both Brady AND the Patriots. They’re like children of divorce who are happy because they’re getting two Christmases. After watching this, maybe I’m one step closer to being able to embrace the situation. But there’s a long way to go before I’m there.

If nothing else, I’m glad Brady isn’t pretending GOATerdammerung isn’t just another game. Now I’ve got to go enjoy my Saturday. If anyone needs me, I’ll be watching this 1,000 more times. We’re gonna need a bigger box of tissues.