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Dodgers Fans Have Stopped Fighting Each Other And Now Are Fighting Cops At The Games, Not Great!

Tensions are high in LA, the Dodgers have 104 wins and are likely going to have to play in the Wild Card game because of how good the Giants have been this year. Kershaw got hurt last night, Belli stinks this year and our pets heads are falling off. It's got to be frustrating for those fans that no matter how good the team is playing they can't get over San Fransisco. But one consistent thing we've seen is Dodgers fans brawling in the stands. Usually they're fighting opposing fans, or even their own in Dodger blue, but now it seems they've graduated from fighting each other to now fighting the police at Dodger Stadium. Not a great move when you push a cop while surrounded by a bunch of other cops. They swarmed him pretty quickly after that initial punch. He didn't back down though, he kept throwing those haymakers praying one would connect. It ended pretty quick once they got him on the ground and the big tree fell hard. Not a good look for this guy swinging on cops like this. Best part of the movie was the lady SHRIEKING the whole time, she was not too happy with the fight.