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WATCH: Arkansas Players React to Brandon Walker Calling Himself an Idiot for Doubting Sam Pittman

What a way to start your Saturday.

No. 8 Arkansas travels to Athens, Ga. this afternoon for its biggest game in quite a few years against No. 2 Georgia. This is a team which went 0-16 in SEC play in 2018 and 2019. It was worse than Vanderbilt. And then Sam Pittman came in there and orchestrated possibly the most remarkable turnaround job in recent memory.

Not everyone was on board with the hire at first, though. Namely our very own Brandon Walker.


To Brandon's credit, however, he at least went on his show this week and admitted he was as wrong as one could possibly be. And then the Arkansas players got to watch him make his mea culpa.

Regardless of what happens today on the road against a bona fide national title contender, the Razorbacks are well on their way to one hell of a season and possibly a New Year's Six bowl game. They deserve to have a little watch party every time someone like Brandon has to admit they were a dumbass for doubting Pittman and these players.

We'll see how things turn out for the Hogs in Sanford Stadium today at 12 p.m.